No.118 (A,B,D), Block 51 4/3, 58th St (Bet 27th & 28th St), Kan Kauk Qtr, Chan Qye Thar Zan Tsp.
Ph:(02) 4072753, (09) 43060423, (09) 43060027


Foreign Teachers are required at

Mandalay International Science Academy



in the economy city of the Union of Myanmar

We are located in Mandalay, in the heart of Myanmar. You will enjoy endless opportunities to see the colonial-style architecture, enjoy delicious dishes, and be a part of a unique city. Traveling to see the Ancient Ruins of Bagan is an easy ride away or why not visit the hot springs in Shan State? Myanmar is known as the Golden Land, apply to come to find out why.


Profesional Requirements

Requirement #1

Original Documents (updated resume, certifications, reference letters, copy of passport, copy of social security, police records checkup, updated health certificate).

Requirement #2

Proof of prior teaching experiences

Requirement #3

Preparation on how to teach Students

Requirement #4

Be able to write annual, bimester and daily plannings

Requirement #5

Be able to apply differenciated instruction and evaluation to students with special needs

Requirement #6

Be open to respond students questions and doubts

Requirement #7

Be able to use technology and innovative methods in class

Requirement #8

Be willing to uphold the school philosophy and principles

Requirement #9

Know how to work as part of a team in a respectful, colaborative and supportive manner




The School rents an apartment building exclusive for foreign teachers. The teachers pay public services (water and energy)

Foreign Teachers Health Insurance

Health insurance will be provided by the school.

Work Visa

 The school is responsable to get the work permission and assumes the fee.


Hiring Process


Send resume, passport copy, police clearance,
actual photo, cover letter, reference letters (3).


Have a zoom or skype interview.


Fill up an employee application (we will provide)


Check references


Exchange emails to clarify doubts


If the selection team decides to hire, sign in the contract